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Client Projects

The following selection of client works include freelance work and probono work that I have completed while working at Lamar University. There are also examples of work from when I was a full-time designer at Discovery Communications.

Center for the Application of Digital Technologies for Health and Disabilities (CADT)

The Center for the Application of Digital Technologies for Heath and Disabilities (CADT) is a new initiative on the LU campus funded by a $150,000 innovation grant from the university president’s office. The project is run by the chair of the Speech and Hearing Sciences Department, and I was approached by them to create a new brand identity for their Online learning platform as well as each individual learning program within the platform. Through research and ideation, I developed the name iManage: Digital Health Learning Platform and developed a logo and app icon for this concept. I also created a series of logos for each learning program within the initiative including: College Connect, Conversation Connection, Dementia Directions, Managing Hearing Loss, Aphasia Conversation Lab, and iVoice.

User Interface Design

In addition to creating a brand identity for the CADT learning platforms, I also created a website mock up for each platform that included both desktop and mobile versions. Each learning platform used the same typography to allow for a more cohesive look to the project, but they each used a different color palette that allowed each recognition and differentiation from one another. This paid client project allowed me to expand my skills in user interface design and connect with colleagues in other departments including Speech and Hearing Science, Deaf Studies, and Computer Science. It is my hope to continue to partner with colleagues, as I value collaboration and interdisciplinary projects.

Working In-House for Discovery Communications

From 2011–2012, I worked for Discovery Communications (now Discovery Inc.) as a graphic designer. This Prophets of Science Fiction campaign was created in 2011. I took the plain title treatment and embellished it here as you see in this campaign. I selected a technology based stock photo as the background image and used this to create the additional assets. The aesthetic is carried through the poster design, iTunes cover art, Twitter skin, and Get Glue stickers. The Ridley Scott photograph used on the poster was not available for additional design elements except the banner ads. I believe I was able to capture the same mood within the other assets to create a cohesive and successful campaign.

Press Kit

This press kit was created in 2011 for Investigation Discovery, a network that features real crime dramas. Under the direction of the team’s creative director, I selected stock imagery and utilized creative image editing to evoke a “wicked” holiday mood that would appeal to viewers in the show. The assets were combined in a branded Christmas stocking and St. Nick’s Coal candy to entice members of the press to write about the series. The final result was well received by the client and implemented in that year’s holiday season campaign.

Cool As a Moose ecommerce website design

In 2014, I worked as a freelance designer for Americommerce, a local Beaumont, TX company that creates ecommerce website solutions. This project for Cool as a Moose was a mock up that was implemented for the client to enhance their ecommerce platform. The Americommerce company was bought out by Capital One in late 2014, which concluded my freelance work with the company, but I learned about ecommerce strategy and layout as a result of this experience. As of 2018, the company is again locally owned, and I am looking into ways to partner with the owners to provide company tours to students and host lectures on best practices in web design.

Probono Work

This poster series was created for Lamar State College Port Arthur. They were utlized to promote their fall 2012 events. In spring 2013, this series won a local Gold Addy Award in the Lake Charles, LA chapter. It won a Bronze Addy from the Regional District 10 AAF. This series also placed first at the 2013 Press Club of Southeast Texas Awards.

Save the Date

The local Southeast Texas Habitat for Humanity posted on social media that they had a need for design work. I reached out and completed a few print projects for them, including this save the date postcard for their annual holiday luncheon.