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Anonymous Failures

The following display showcases the interactive project in the 2016 LU Department of Art Faculty Show at the Dishman Art Museum. Participants could post their anonymous failure responses and engage in content written by other visitors at the museum. This installation was also displayed in a poster format at the Frontier AIGA Design Educator Conference in October 2016 in Bozeman, MT. In addition to the interactive installation, I created a website and social media pages for the Anonymous Failures project. The site allowed visitors to post their failures on Twitter or Instagram and see their responses reflected on the website homepage. Visitors could also request materials to create their own installation. There was also a workshop component to this project and these materials were also available upon request through the website contact form. Those who wanted to post anonymously could write in a response directly to the website or snail mail an anonymous failure response to LU. The process allowed me to think through creating an artistic user experience in both a physical and digital space. 


Everyone fails, but no one likes to talk about it. Anonymous Failures acknowledges this fact and allows participants the opportunity to post their failure anonymously (or not so anonymously if you’d like to share on twitter or instagram). Inspired by participatory projects such as Post Secret and Candy Chang’s Confessions, Anonymous Failures is a cathartic and collective experience for the audience.

Anonymous Failures Workshop

The last component to this project was a workshop developed for the Frontier AIGA Design Educator Conference in October 2016 in Bozeman, MT. The structure of the workshop was developed using the IBM Design Thinking Field Guide, which encourages readers to build off their ideas and create their own design thinking experiences. The purpose of the workshop was to assess your own views on failure and to reframe those thoughts of failure into successes. IBM Senior Design Strategist, Randy Gregory II participated in the workshop and gave me positive feedback on the format relating to the IBM methodology. I also completed the workshop at the LU Student Leadership Retreat in Spring 2017 where it received positive feedback from students in disciplines across campus.