Coding as Craft

This paper was presented at the 2013 AIGA Conference during the educator portion of the conference on October 10, 2013. It is also available on the AIGA Educator website here.

Art Founders Project

I’ve contributed four articles to the Art Founders Project website.


Graduate Thesis Project

This project began with images that were trying to promote indeterminate interpretations from viewers. I created specific works that juxtapose text and image in order to challenge viewers. I created photographs as one component. I also made a book where I gave my photos to writers to interpret them into a story, poem or whatever they imagined fit the work. Last, there was an interactive component where words and images combined in a projection, which was programmed to a device that reads brain waves. The viewer then had influence over the results, but not total control because they can not completely control their brain wave response. Thesis This paper is the written portion of my graduate thesis project.


Teaching Internship

I chose to complete my teaching internship with Professor Sharokin Betgevargiz in the course History of Graphic Design. I am passionate about promoting the need for students in graphic design to understand the history of their discipline. Graphic design has a unique narrative that varies from more traditional art history. In discussing the difference of graphic design to other art forms, Meggs states: “The immediacy and ephemeral nature of graphic design, combined with its link with the social, political and economic life of its culture, enable it to more closely express the Zeitgeist of an epoch than many other forms of human expression.” The design of this teaching portfolio is inspired by the Bauhaus. I want to pay homage to this point in graphic design history because many traditional academic art and design programs are still reminiscent of the teaching model the Bauhaus created.  


Interaction Design Research

This paper was created during winter 2011 for a graduate course at Savannah College of Art and Design.

The Role of Identity in Graphic Design

This paper was presented at the 2010 SECAC conference.